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Madison Parker

Master Instructor


Madison spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL, serving in multiple deployments including the Vietnam War. It was his time in Vietnam, with SEAL Team One, that instilled within him a passion for primitively living off the land. Since that time Madison has devoted his life to perfecting and sharing his techniques. 

Although Madison teaches techniques that increase your survivability, he prefers to consider that he doesn’t teach survival, but rather aids people in thriving off the land. Madison uses a progressive teaching style that is custom-tailored for each student’s interests, skills, and existing knowledge. Once fundamental skills have been developed, knowledge and techniques are taught that can make each student a master. As each course is custom-tailored, each group or individual gets to decide how in-depth the training goes. A successful student will then be able to enter a primitive setting with little or no equipment, this will bring all the lessons together, hone the skills, and the student will become comfortable with the ability to live primitively.

TEN 8 Citizen, through Madison's training, is dedicated to assisting those that are interested in REAL living off the land skills, whether it is a rural setting or an urban setting. 


  • Fire building (including wet)

  • Plant Identification and practical uses

  • Primitive shelter construction

  • Primitive Trapping & Snaring 

  • Primitive weapons construction

  • Blacksmith

  • Survival skills training